August 19, 2016

Business Process Management

Business Process Management is a common practice that refers to the basic management of any business and its’ enterprise business processes to reach one or all of three goals 1) clarity on the business’ overall direction, 2) the allocation of the company’s resources, and 3) maximizing efficiency of any and all operations.

The more basic explanation being that the process helps reduce human error and increase the productivity of any business while also reducing costs and maximising profit. This differs from many other business processes by the way of scope. BPM, instead of focusing on improving single operation processes handles the entire picture as a whole, helping improve the entire business instead of just a single part of it.

The biggest advantage of implementing BPM into a business practice is the level of agility it gives to a company. When a BPM practitioner faces an unstable condition, such as a constantly changing market and economy, they can essentially stop processes, apply any changes anywhere in the business, and re-execute it. Applying the correct BPM suite can also dramatically improve not only the efficiency of a company but the profits and reduce the costs of executing the business processes.

While there are many products on the market that claim to provide business process management, RBC has taken things several steps further. We have a dedicated team of consultant that provide efficiency reviews, business process mapping and return on investment (ROI) calculation to ensure that the right areas of the business are targeted. Our team will ensure that not only will your business processes be considered but also the work management needs of your staff. Whether you are looking for cost reduction or redeploying resources to higher value activities, we can help ensure your targets are met.

RBC has also developed a Business Process Automation platform that allows our clients to consume Business Process Management as a service. No software is required to be installed onsite, allowing clients to enjoy the benefits of Automation without the added expense of servers, software and staff to support the environment. When you are ready to explore the benefits of Business Process Management and Automation, make sure that you talk to us.


About the Author: Luke Bartlett is the Solutions Director for RBC. Luke has been involved with Business Process Management and Automation in Australia and Internationally for 22 years.
Twitter: @Luke_Bartlett

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