Consultation, Analysis, and Design

The approach adopted with all solutions focuses on customer participation, attention to detail and measurable results. We first focus on getting to know your organisation and its current processes, their bottlenecks and frustrations, so that we can focus on solving them with a solution that is tightly aligned to your business needs.

Next, our discovery phase initiates a scoping engagement that maps all the procedures and workflow pathways. The scoping identifies document categories, and the core participants and stakeholders will actively participate in ensuring that the preliminary requirements are well captured and understood. All system integration needs will be identified, as well as technical capabilities and data transfer mapping. After this exploratory phase, a comprehensive set of business requirement criterion and a project plan will be provided

The Discovery stage helps to document your solution parameters, ensuring that the realized benefit and project risk are in an optimal ratio. We work collaboratively with you, combining your knowledge of your business with our automation expertise to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Customer Success Program

Our Customer Success Program is an ongoing collaborative strategy we employ to ensure that you obtain your desired results while using your solution. It is a relationship-centric approach which aligns our objectives with yours, towards mutually beneficial results.

Our team helps new customers to implement solutions in an effective and efficient way. RBC has the maturity and expertise to understand your specific needs and our experts work together with you to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to succeed.

We ensure that our customers are coached on their solution by various techniques, including user guides and individual training to promote initial rollout. The user guide offers step-by-step directions for major tasks and provides your team with the confidence to accomplish their assignments.

Our Customer Success Plans are long-term, scientifically engineered, and professionally directed for maximizing customer value and solution alignment. The most critical thing for us is to be able to continuously enhance the performance of the solution. We capture and utilise system data in order to transform your solution into the most effective and productive process imaginable for your team.

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