HP - Smart Device Services

HP – Smart Device Services (HP SDS) is a breakthrough, cloud-based technology that seamlessly integrates into RBC Group’s managed print software to provide advanced print fleet monitoring.

With HP devices being equipped with cutting-edge sensors and controls for monitoring, HP Smart Device Servicing uses machine-learning and advanced cloud services so that RBC Group may predictively and proactively maintain your fleet of printers and provide consumables efficiently.

Firmware updates and security policy updates can be managed on an automatic basis, remotely, and even outside of business hours to minimise printer downtime and ease disruption for staff.

From feed rollers right up to security events, RBC Group has the technology and visibility to action events in real-time, providing maximum uptime for your print fleet.

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Sustainability infographic from HP

HP - Sustainability

Together with HP, RBC Group aspires to create a world without waste and we continually review our Sustainable Impact.

Since 2016, HP has diverted over 25 million ocean-bound plastic bottles to manufacture new toner cartridges. In addition to this, in 2019 HP launched the Elite Dragonfly laptop as not only the lightest laptop in the world but also the most sustainable, using those same plastics in some of the components.

As part of our mission to help businesses become more sustainable and more thoughtful with print waste, RBC Group encourages all clients to join the HP Planet Partners program by registering their business for toner collection and to return retired hardware into the manufacturing cycle.

It’s an easy, no-cost solution that helps to keep HP plastics out of landfill so that they can instead be used for the production of new HP cartridges and components.

Register your business for a HP Toner Collection Box

HP - JetAdvantage

Set office-wide productivity in motion.

When it comes to business, the more cost-effective and efficient, the better. HP JetAdvantage solutions can help improve productivity and drive down costs, helping employees and your IT team to work more efficiently.
Whether your business goal is to be more sustainable, more secure, or more cost-effective, HP and RBC Group can provide HP JetAdvantage solutions that achieve those goals currently for businesses nationally.

HP JetAdvantage Secure Print: Increase security and control of your print environment by releasing documents only to authorised users with HP JetAdvantage Secure Print. This cloud-based solution holds print jobs in a protected queue until users are authenticated. Unprinted jobs are automatically deleted based on your company’s expiration policy.

HP JetAdvantage Insights: Maximise your company’s resources by gaining insights into the print environment. With a simple, user-friendly dashboard, HP JetAdvantage Insights provides on-demand viewing of printing behaviours and device use — including non-HP and PC-connected printers. Easily deploy and scale this cloud-based solution across the entire fleet, without the need for expensive servers

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager: Take control of your fleet, improve compliance, and streamline security monitoring and management. Easily secure new and existing devices across your organisation with the industry’s first policy‑based imaging and printing compliance solution

HP - 3D Print

The HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solution reinvents how you prototype and produce functional parts, delivering quality output up to 10 times faster at half the cost.

RBC Group clients are already taking advantage of how HP 3D print can help their businesses accelerate their growth and market offering by providing low cost, high-quality products and prototypes for their clients.

Read more about how RBC Group client My FootDr has increased their productivity and output of their customised orthotics. By switching from a subtractive milling process to the HP Jet Fusion additive 3D technology, My FootDr was able to reduce their waste per orthotic to 1%, making their growth and sustainability goals a reality.


My FootDr Adopts New 3D Printing Technology

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