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At RBC we understand your business goals don’t include worrying about printing, or spending time and money managing slow paper-based processes. We deliver secure, reliable Lexmark laser printers and multifunction products which assist you to build the foundation of a complete digital ecosystem streamline business processes and automate paper-based processes. Lexmark’s smart capabilities simplify the challenge of managing workflows in an ever-changing business and technical environment.

Not only do RBC recognise Lexmark’s leadership according to Buyer Laboratory Inc (BLI) Lexmark printers and MFPs are “outstanding,” and recently Lexmark were awarded Printer/MFP line up of the year.

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Lexmark Diamond Partner

Making technology simple, easy to use SMART MFPs

Making technology simple and easy to use, is important allowing you to focus on efficiency and productivity in the office. The Lexmark e-Task touch screen interface on their SMART MFPs is icon- and text-driven, so it’s intuitive to navigate and can walk you through each step in your business process. RBC can assist to integrate your business workflow into Lexmark MFPs at the touch of a button. You can move information to and from paper, electronic storage, or enterprise applications saving your time and money. Want to implement mobile print in your business, speak to our team simple and easy with the Lexmark range.

Like other smart devices that make up the ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT), Lexmark printers and multifunction products (MFPs) are equipped with sensors that enable us to collect millions of alerts and data points. This enormous repository of data enables RBC to perform analytics that providing you with superior customer service and support.

Full-spectrum security giving you peace of mind

Lexmark and RBC don’t treat security as an afterthought or optional feature, but as an integral design and engineering goal. Lexmark’s understanding of network environments and relevant security threats, particularly in relation to printing, gives RBC the know-how to create unique solutions that secure your data in every possible way.

Malicious security attacks and inadvertent vulnerabilities can lead to costly compliance breaches and business-disrupting data loss. They can also take a human toll in frustration, loss of privacy, negative financial consequences and wasted time. Security engineered into every Lexmark product encompasses device management, hardening and operation. In real-world terms, that means the Lexmark devices deployed in your setting control user access, restrict malicious activity, and protect data transmitted to or from the device or stored in its hard drive.

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