Print Environment Audit

Most organisations underestimate the costs of their in-house printing and photocopying services and would benefit greatly from an in-house printer environment audit. This is because most companies have a multitude of small and large volume printers and photocopiers, many from different manufacturers, all mixed in with multifunction printing devices, with their use rarely optimised to their needs.

At RBC Group we regularly find that large volume print jobs are sent to small volume printers, colour printing is used when black and white would be equally as good and print jobs are left uncollected and ignored.

In addition, with a large number of printing machines spread across your organisation and no central printing area, consumables are usually over ordered and many are wasted. Just imagine the range of different toners you would need for machines from a handful of different manufacturers, as well as the different types of photocopy paper and the space required to store all of these items.

The solution is to initiate a print environment audit which will breakdown your printing costs by each individual machine, giving you a clear picture of where you can cut costs and increase the efficiency of your printing services.

Start the Print Environment Audit

    How can a print environment audit help cut organisational costs?

    With a print environment audit from RBC Business Solutions we use customised software to check out both your networked and non-networked machines. We then put in place strategies that will update or replace old and inefficient machines, as well as remove unneeded photocopiers and printers.

    Our experienced consultants work with you to access your organisational needs and create a strategic plan to provide you with a printing solution, streamlined to your organisation.

    You receive a complete breakdown of the costs involved and of the savings you can expect when the plan is implemented.

    Following the print environmental audit, there are a variety of solutions that are available to your organisation to increase the cost effectiveness of your printing services, all of which can be customised to your specific requirements:

    Replacing a department’s separate desktop printers, scanners, fax machines, and photocopiers with multifunctional devices that can perform all of these functions. This centralises your printing services, reducing costs and storage of consumables.
    Removing individual printers from small offices and desktops and replacing them with multifunctional devices that service an entire department or group of offices. This removes all incidental machines, replacing them with up-to-date devices that perform multiple functions in one central location.
    Uploading software that streamlines printing by queueing jobs at the printer, requiring a secure pin code to be entered before printing is commenced. This eliminates forgotten jobs and reduces wastage.
    Updating all of your current machines and culling those that are unnecessary. This reduces your overall printing costs and creates a centralised printing service.

    Want to understand what you could save on printing services?

    Along with a print environment audit, replacing, updating or removing printing machines, and creating centralised locations for printing is central to saving your organisation money and creating a cost-effective printing service.

    With an RBC Group print environment audit, your printing services will be streamlined and your cost savings will be ongoing.

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