Strategic Fleet Management

At RBC Group, we recognise the importance of strategic fleet management, specifically printer fleet audits, to your organisation’s bottom line. This strategy involves managing your fleet of printers, photocopiers, and multifunctional devices, so that the process is streamlined, automated, and cost effective.

A centrally managed print fleet helps to save you both time and money, and increases productivity across your organisation. At RBC Group, a print cost analysis strategy is one of our specialist offerings, which is customised to your organisational needs, configured in real time, and gives you the power to respond immediately to any changes.

Strategic fleet management

The benefits of strategic fleet management for your organisation

There are four key areas where a Strategic Fleet Management can be of benefit to your organisation:


Reducing costs

A fleet of mismatched printers, photocopies, and multifunctional machines all from different manufacturers is both inefficient and wastes valuable time and money. They all require different hardware, supplies, services, and repairs, all of which results in wasted time and higher costs.

Strategic fleet management, however, helps to optimise your printing services by not only reducing costs, but also by centralising, updating, and integrating your printing services.


Reducing your carbon footprint

Many organisations have an assortment of outdated printing machines which heavily consume large amounts of paper, toner, and electricity.

A print cost analysis can help to reduce your carbon footprint by a variety of means, including document digitalisation, upgrading and removing unnecessary machines, using multifunction devices, and centralising your printing services.


Productivity is increased

Employees spend a substantial amount of time walking between their desk and the printing room or delivering printed documents to their destination. Similarly, productivity is also reduced by the amount of time printers become jammed, run out of paper or toner, or need to be serviced or repaired.

With a print cost analysis, cost effective changes can be made so that employees spend less time waiting for printers to be fixed or serviced and less time walking to and from the printing room. This is because we can implement an automatic servicing schedule, a preventative maintenance strategy, and an automatic restocking and supply program that will increase the up-time of your printers, resulting in increased employee productivity.


IT time is better managed

An inefficient printing infrastructure can heavily impact your IT department, requiring them to spend an endless amount of time attending to jammed and inoperative printers. Calls to multiple vendors to fix mechanical problems or to update software wastes their valuable time, which could be better spent on more strategic matters.

Strategic Fleet Management can ensure that IT personnel are better utilised in your organisation. They are specialists in their field and it doesn’t make economic sense to use them to clear paper jams or log service calls. A real time print cost analysis, will help you to free IT staff to focus on specialist tasks related to your core business initiatives, increasing productivity and reducing IT costs.

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At RBC Group we automate many of the processes involved with a fully functioning and efficient printing service. We help to identify the under or over utilisation of printers, update and remove inefficient machines, set up scheduled servicing, automate supply deliveries, as well as various other functions that streamline your printing services. We have teams in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne to assist you in your needs.

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