It’s Time To Upgrade From Windows 7

It’s Time To Upgrade From Windows 7

RBC Technology Group explain some big changes that came from Microsoft on the 14th of January!

As all things must, Windows 7 is coming to an end as Microsoft has announced that they will no longer be providing ongoing support or updates to the legendary operating system. If you or your business, like many others, still use the Windows 7 operating system, you may be putting your data security at risk in a big way, and continuing to do so every day that you do not upgrade to either Windows 8 or 10.

Audit Your Network

Windows 7 is widely considered to be one of the best-operating systems devised and is still used by potentially up to 200 million PCs worldwide. This means that there is a good chance that even if Windows 7 is not your main operating system, there is the potential that one of the computers on your network is still running a copy of it. As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and just one PC running Windows 7 in your network can pose a massive and exponentially increasing risk to your business’s network and data security. It is highly recommended that you audit your network and find any and all systems on your business or private networks running Windows 7 to ensure that your data and devices will stay safe from any cybersecurity attacks.

No Support – No Security Updates

Microsoft has been making statements that this day would come for several years, and as it has finally arrived it is important to know why this change will make your Windows 7 device so vulnerable to malicious cyber-attacks and hacks. When Microsoft ceased support and updates to Windows 7 they made a statement that they will not be supplying any further security updates or updates of any kind to Windows 7. No operating system is perfect, and as such this means that hackers and other cyber assailants will continue to find new ways to hack into Windows 7 systems, and as Microsoft will no longer be updating the security to patch these holes, as time goes by more and more ways around your security will be found. Even one device running Windows 7 in a network can act as a doorway for an intruder to enter your network and potentially gain access to sensitive data and files.

It is for these reasons that it is imperative to upgrade to a newer version of Windows; Microsoft encourages upgrading to Windows 10, the most recent operating system in the Windows line. The risk that comes with staying with a Windows 7 operating system has been officially recognised by several governmental cybersecurity institutions such as the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Maintain a Safe and Secure Network

Your cybersecurity and data management plan is paramount in maintaining a safe and secure business network. RBC Technology Group can help your business audit all the devices on your network and upgrade your entire business to a secure operating system. RBC Technology Group will tighten your business’s cybersecurity and data management systems, so that you can be absolutely sure your business is as safe as it can be.