Automation Can Reshape Your Workforce 2

Automation: Impact on Your Workforce Automation doesn’t have to mean job loss “Successful Australian businesses embrace opportunities to automate” has become a ubiquitous catch cry that leaves workers unconvinced. Of course there is ample evidence to demonstrate that automation creates the opportunity for more productive use of staff time when manual routine, repetitive jobs are mechanised…

Two business man shaking hands - BPM Solutions with UNICOM Global Macro 4 - RBC Group Blog Image

RBC Group and UNICOM Global division Macro 4 partner to offer business process automation solution in Australia and New Zealand

UNICOM Global Macro 4 Partners With RBC Group Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global, is announcing a new strategic partnership with RBC Business Solutions Pty Ltd in Australia. Under the agreement, the Australian company will integrate Macro 4’s technology to create a complete business process automation solution that will be offered to its existing…