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Your Printers’ Security

RBC Group’s push for Printer Security How including secure printer policies can save your workplace from data loss and theft   Your Printers Security   Gone are the days of manually attaching a computer to a printer to get hard copies of documents. Now with wireless sending and stored/queued documents, modern printers are a must…


Firewall Providers

What are the Firewall options? RBC Group researched the strengths and of leading security software providers Below we have listed the leading firewall and threat prevention providers on the current market. RBC has found that the quality of coverage, threat detection and overall performance to be ahead of other industry-related software providers, however, we have…

RBC Group and Ricoh Australia

RBC Group and Ricoh Australia – FAQ

FAQ – RBC Group and Ricoh Australia move in different directions RBC Group’s long history with Ricoh Australia RBC Group has a rich heritage in providing market-leading printer and photocopier solutions to the Australian market since 1975 and has proudly sold Ricoh Australia products for almost 40 years. While we continue to acknowledge our printing…

Cyber Security for Infrastructure - RBC Group

RBC Infrastructure Security

Cyber Security for Infrastructure RBC Group push for large scale security in infrastructure The gap between the physical and digital world is shrinking. We are seeing an increase in IT and OT devices designed to monitor the physical effects of the globe or tasked with controlling them. These systems are implemented to make our lives…