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Work With Specialist Technology Integrators

As technology integrators, RBC Group helps organisations on their digital transformation journey. In a world of disruption and constant innovation, working with a specialist technology integrator is imperative to winning the corporate race. Basically, there are four system integration methods to consider when setting your IT strategy. Understanding your company operations and business objectives is…

Smart Security - Understanding the Cybersecurity Landscape - RBC Group

Smart Security

Understanding the Cyber Security Landscape In a connected world, where technology is transforming human potential, cybersecurity is a disruptive force. With the accelerated development of security risks, it is now more important than ever to close the gap in your device security. How are future-focused companies harnessing cutting edge technology to ward off security threats…

How Working Remotely Can Expose Data - RBC Group

How Working Remotely Can Expose Data

RBC Group is dedicated to making sure our clients’ data is secured. Why?Remote Worker SolutionsThe Risk As businesses enable employee technology access from different locations, the risk of vital information being stolen or depreciation in security standards is incredibly high. Staff may be unaware of the adjustments to security standards, unintentionally leaking private details, or…

Business Process Automation at the Edge - RBC Group

Automation at The Edge with RBC Group

Improvement to your Workflow and Simplification of Multi-step ProcessesWhat is the Edge? What is the edge? In current IT climates, the edge refers to the edge of the Cloud; all the devices or systems that operate connected to the Cloud from phones to computers to smartwatches, all of these devices exist at the edge, and…