Remote working solutions during the COVID-19 Crisis

The RBC Group provides the ability to quickly scale your remote workforce without compromising capability, especially when business interruption or security has never been more critical. RBC specialises in Technology solutions to support your workforce wherever they may be.

Enable your Remote Workforce

Scalable solutions available for small businesses to larger operators utilising ip2me, a virtualised desktop and Docs2me, for document and workflow management, allowing users to easily access, edit and share information remotely. We deliver the package and provide the support your workforce need to get set up from home now.

Remote Virus Protection - People and Technology

RBC Group will act as the data security team for your remote workforce. With so many people working in multiple locations, tight security for your data is paramount. Remote workstations need the same level of guaranteed protection, ensuring your security framework remains in-tact.

Ip2Me - Cloud Desktop Solution

Complete cloud desktop for your business. The power to access your desktop, business application and data from anywhere at any time without having to sacrifice, control or support.



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