34% of hacks happen due to human error

With the vast number of hacks that occur due to either malicious intent or human error, 34% of all hacks and data breaches happen from within the business. Most often, these issues are also not the result of system failure but are accidentally or intentionally committed by a person. Educating staff on the potential hacking risks in your business can help keep potential data breaches to a minimum. RBC Group works with companies to best prepared and limit the effect of a possible security breach.

By implementing the RBC security framework, you can help to educate your staff and mitigate the opportunity to leak information or data to any outside parties.

Graphics of a Man Teaching Data Privacy and Security

Unintentional file sharing

File sharing is the most common situation for data breaches, and there are many ways that this can occur. Staff can unintentionally leave sensitive files on devices such as a USB or their cloud storage and your business loses the ability to control who can access that data. The unfettered access to your corporate data is a data breach. Companies are now required to report every data breach under the new Notifiable Data Breaches law, which could strain valuable resources on reporting these reaches. Some breaches may seem inconsequential, i.e., sending an email that hasn’t been blind copied, revealing the personal details of many people. Leaving a file in a public storage space from which another person could access and use this information can constitute a breach.

Security equals productivity and efficiency

Data security can help you in many more ways than merely protecting your files. In the event of system failure, these security frameworks can ensure that you can carry on your work on another device without any loss of data or vital files. It bolsters the productivity of your business and employees by allowing them to work more efficiently. Minimising data security risks also helps your employees to work without fear of breaches, allowing for significant increases in efficiency and confidence. RBC can get you started with our Technology Audit and start your business on its way to complete online security.

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