How would you identify a data breach within your business?

Data is the most expensive asset in the world, even more than gold or oil, making data breaches some of the most expensive dangers to a business. Identifying a security breach is the first step to preventing your business from a data breach. Data breaches can come from anywhere, in fact 33% of data breaches are as a results of human error, and furthermore, more than half of all data attacks are targeted at small businesses. When leaving your home, would you check every door and window to ensure that it is protected from intrusion? With data, many people overlook this habit, allowing for hacks to occur, many of which sit dormant in the system for several months before enacting any sort of data breach. Identifying these security breaches is the first step to preventing any major data breaches in your business.
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What importance do you put on security in your business?

How dangerous would a data breach be to your company? In the current technology climate, there is no replacement for your data security. 62% of data breaches are reported as malicious or criminal attacks, and hundreds of security breaches are reported every month in Australia, some hacks happening as often as once every 39 seconds. RBC Group can take the place of a data security team and help to secure your business, helping you to consider how your business is connected to the outside world and how your staff and company are prepared to handle the potential dangers of a data breach.

Does your company have a security policy?

A security policy is the core of your security framework and is the backbone of your business’ security. The question of a company being hacked is no longer an if, but rather a when it will happen, and the impact of a security breach can set your business back harshly, pushing everything back until you can get back online. RBC Group can help you not only protect yourself and audit the security of your business, but can assume the role of a chief information security officer (CISO) for any small to medium sized business, ensuring that your data is well protected, and your security framework remains in-tact and up-to-date. If your business is in need of a Networking Audit, RBC Group can help you.

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