Security transaction - movement of data

Your data is most vulnerable when it is in transit and, as such, needs to be protected point-to-point, in transit and at rest. There are many platforms that RBC Group uses to ensure the secure transit of your data, such as Docs2Me to integrate your data security between applications. Whether you are emailing information to MYOB, sharing files over Dropbox, or scanning to Xero, your data mustn’t be accessible to any person who should not have access to it. The RBC Group understands that security is paramount for your business. We ensure that your data is kept private from all parties and that it remains only used for your expressed intents and purposes. When it comes to the protection of data RBC Group’s ASK model sums up how we can help you:
  • Accessibility

    Securely access your data anywhere and at any time.

  • Security

    Keeping your information secure at all times.

  • Knowledge

    Understanding data activity, who is accessing it, when, and how they had access.

Mobility of data

Mobile workspaces are growing ever more popular in the modern era. Employees need to access files and relevant information from everywhere, whether that be in the office, on mobile, or while on the road. The Cloud provides a viable option to store your business’ data and maintain control. Your company retains the same visibility on who has access, where the data goes, and ensuring that you keep ownership of the data, no matter what. You can easily grant access to staff and relevant parties while still being able to track data activity. Businesses can often be hesitant when taking the plunge and moving to the cloud. The RBC Group aims not to change the way that you work, but to make it more secure.

Will you be able to tell if your information has been modified or changed?

Keeping tabs on your data is very important to the security of your company. If an employee can edit or change your company’s essential data, you risk unknown malpractices with your data that you might not even be aware of. Being able to stay updated with the movement of data can help stop your information from being tampered with. Configuring the right combination of data replication, document management, and regular back-ups can ensure that any changes are identifed quickly. The right system ensures you can manage your data while keeping the integrity of any file or information in your business. As part of our security service, RBC Group makes regular checks of the volume of data movement in your company and keep you up-to-date on any questionable changes.

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