RBC Network Auditing

RBC Group’s Network Audit is a full security audit of your business which checks your current set-up and potential security risks. RBC Group security specialists will use diagnostic tools to assess your networks. Our review will check the security platform to discover where your security exposure and risk is in your business. One of the most significant unseen risks is with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs or any devices that are brought in by employees or guests. We can discover potential security risks in your business and work with you to minimise those risks and help to prevent data breaches from occurring in the future.
network framework

Would you know if someone is trying to hack your network?

Most businesses prepare for a hack only after a hack or data breach has already occurred. Some businesses subsequently implement practices that make life more difficult for employees to access the data required for day-to-day business operations. Proactive network security reporting can help you to manage your data safely without making your data inaccessible to your employees. RBC Group works to balance security with accessibility to maximise the effectiveness of your employees and help you work towards a more efficient security framework.

No network is 100% secure

One of the most frightening aspects of data security is that, while many precautions can be taken, technology systems cannot be 100% secure at any time. Data security aims to take into consideration the most significant potential security risks for business and minimise them. The most significant threat to a business is ‘the people factor.’ Employees can sometime become complacent, which is when errors can occur – such as; activating phishing schemes, sharing passwords, sending sensitive documents on unsecure platforms, etc. RBC Group works with businesses to best prepared and limit the effect of a potential security breach.

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