Unlocking the Equity in Your Current IT Infrastructure

Unlocking the Equity in Your Current IT Infrastructure

Financing and Asset Lifecycle Options in Addressing Economic Challenges as We Come Out of Lock-Down

RBC Technology Group, together with HPE Financial Services (HPEFS), has access to a set of tools to help manage this virtual world we are now living in. There are compelling new financing solutions available to help unlock the equity held in customers’ IT infrastructure, as now, more than ever, cash is vital as we move into recovery.

Our new financing solutions can help alleviate some of the strain felt by Australian businesses as they navigate an uncertain business climate. From helping release capital from existing infrastructures to deferring payments and providing used technology to relieve capacity strain, RBC Technology Group can help address some of the most pressing issues quickly by:

  • Deferring or reducing expenses – innovative financing structures to reduce cash outlays during uncertainty
  • Generating cash from assets – over the last two years, HPEFS infused over $642M into client’s budgets globally
  • Matching payments to use – secure critical technology while aligning payments to deployment schedule.

Adaptive Working Strategies

CIOs and IT managers have been playing a central role in navigating the crisis posed by the pandemic, and as we move into the recovery stage, RBC Technology Group has been working with many of these CIOs and IT Managers to develop strategies for the new way of working such as:

  • needing to transform into a new as-a-service consumption model while protecting/optimising any capital investments made to date.
  • then with any new technology acquisition of servers, storage, and networking, using existing assets to return capital to the business.

RBC Technology Group working with HPE Financial Services also offers a Relieve Capacity Strain or Delivery Delays service that uses certified pre-used technology to address a variety of situations; the technology is authentic, authorised equipment that meets high-quality standards. It is available for components, parts, and subassemblies, as well as feature upgrades, or whole systems. The equipment can be either “off the shelf” or custom-configurated. The technology comes with a standard 30-day warranty and is eligible for additional RBC Technology Group maintenance and support.