HP Case Study: RBC Technology Group Implements HP Access Control to Frizelle Sunshine Automotive

HP Case Study: RBC Technology Group Implements HP Access Control to Frizelle Sunshine Automotive

Unique difficulties require a unique resolution

When Frizelle’s Sunshine Automotive presented RBC Technology Group with their printing challenges, RBC Technology Group and HP got to work on resolving these for them using class-leading enterprise pull-print solution HP Access Control.


Delivering a bespoke pull-print solution for a large national automotive group to reduce their print wastage, improving company sustainability goals and financial returns.


Pioneering financial and sustainability goals in the automotive industry

Business challenges can often be exacerbated by legacy technology and one company that knows that only too well is Australia’s RBC Technology Group. Print is an important commercial strand for this technology integrator operating across vast areas and unique clientele. Whether it’s on-premise or cloud systems, RBC Technology Group supplies increasingly discerning print customers who expect a sophisticated service irrespective of their infrastructure.

Headquartered in Brisbane, RBC Technology Group is one of Australia’s largest independent and privately-owned technology integrators working across industries including education, healthcare, finance and more. In its almost 50 years of operation, it is 100% Australian owned and operated, and has formed partnerships with many world-leading IT and software companies. Specializing in HP imaging equipment, it recognizes the importance of strategic fleet management of printers, copiers and multifunction devices so it has implemented processes that are streamlined, automated and cost-effective.

“From the outset it was clear that Frizelle’s Sunshine Automotive wanted to be changemakers in the automotive industry. Using class-leading HP solutions, RBC Technology Group were able to deliver those outcomes for them.”

Jayne McLeod, National HP Product and Program Manager, RBC Technology Group


Delivering print cost reduction and fortifying a sustainability goal

Upon initial scoping and auditing of the client’s print infrastructure and day to day print operations, it became abundantly clear that the client needed a pull-print solution to reduce their print wastage from both a sustainable and financial standpoint. Until engaging RBC Technology Group, the client had been unable to achieve this with any other vendor using their AS400 system Pentana.


HP Access Control to manage print workflow at every device

With the Pentana AS400 system, RBC Technology Group’s client uses it was near impossible to implement a pull-print solution. As a user prints, it is then launched to Adobe Forms to print. In this process, metadata is lost and no username is available at the print device for authentication.

With the guidance of Mohammed Kahn, HP Solutions and Security expert, RBC Technology Group were able to alter the print workflow using HP Access Control Enterprise

“Enterprise-class software technology-enabled what HP and RBC Technology Group achieved for this client with HP Access Control. This solution showcases how powerful HP Access Control is and why it should be more widely considered” says Mohammed Khan, Greater Asia Solutions and Security for HP.


End user positive engagement and a reduction in print wastage

With HP Access Control now implemented across 200+ HP Enterprise print devices users are finding it is improving their productivity. Users can now release print jobs from any device across their vast Queensland operations. Those that work across multiple sites are seeing the solution benefits.


Reduction in client helpdesk requests regarding print issues


Reduction in print wastage

From a financial and sustainability viewpoint, HP Access Control Enterprise has reduced the abandoned prints at each device which aligns with their sustainable impact goals and reduces their print spend per agreement. A significant reduction in print-related helpdesk calls was also a clear benefit.