Print Solutions for Business in Australia

In conjuction with managing your whole fleet of devices, but we can discuss and implement a range of solutions to enhance security measures within your organisation. These solutions are designed to keep your data, devices and workflows secure, as well as track documents printed from servers to help identify saving oppportunities.

We recognise the importance of strategic fleet management, specifically printer fleet audits, to your organisation’s bottom line. This strategy involves managing your fleet of printers, photocopiers, and multifunctional devices, so that the process is streamlined, automated, and cost effective.

One of the biggest costs to organisations is document printing services, but with an effective management plan in place, these costs can be dramatically reduced. We work with you to reduce these high costs and inefficiencies by taking over the supply and management of your print fleet. Our customised software automatically keeps an account of consumables levels and automates deliveries on time and when needed.

RBC Technology Group strives to create a world without waste. We are always ensuring that our sustainability practices are relevant and making an impact. Join us in finding out how your organisation can be more thoughtful with your print waste.