Our Social Responsibility

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Awareness, Responsibility & Participation

At RBC Technology Group we believe everyone has a role to play in protecting our people and our planet. We advocate awareness, responsibility and participation. It is these three key principles that we use to empower our people with knowledge to support the communities where we live, work and do business.

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Diversity & Inclusion

At RBC Technology Group, we strive to create a powerful culture of diversity, equality and inclusion to ensure human rights, social justice and racial and gender equality across our ecosystem. We are working together to encourage and support each other, our customers and community. As such, we are committed to supporting and ensuring an environment and workplace culture that is inclusive, with the fundamental principle whereby everyone is treated fairly with respect, value and dignity.

RBC Technology Group recognises the benefits to workplace culture and the customer service experience by having a workforce that consists of a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, capabilities and knowledge.

Employees shaking hands during a meeting — Document Management in Australia
Busy team meeting — Document Management in Australia

Strengthening Our Communities

We empower our employees to get involved in their local communities and we build partnerships that make life better in all the places where we live and work. RBC Technology Group currently supports Act for Kids.

We are committed to helping our communities thrive, grow and prosper. We build meaningful relationships, investing time and energy to ensure local communities are enriched by being our neighbours.

A Cleaner Planet is a Greener Planet

As a business and with our clients, RBC Technology Group looks at ways to reduce emissions and waste. We are consistently working with our clients and partners to ensure we are looking at solutions that reduce the environmental impact. We know it is important for both individuals and business to contribute to the health of our planet.

Sustainable (Green) BPM focuses on how business processes can improve environmental and social impact. At RBC Technology Group, our Docs2me platform provides our clients with a Green Business Process Management solution that links together information, people and systems, reducing the need to print, thus creating better outcomes for:

A sustainable business is the necessary outcome. The philosophy of RBC Technology Group aligns with a view that all workplaces should strive for practices that are environmentally sustainable. In doing so, we are all supporting the preservation of natural reserves and reducing our impact on the environment, allowing future generations to thrive on Earth’s limited resources.

Consequently, RBC Technology Group is committed to promoting and encouraging awareness of environmental responsibilities by continually monitoring and improving our own Environmental Sustainability (ES) policies and processes.

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