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Print Fleet Consumables

One of the biggest costs to organisations stems from their printing services, but with an effective management plan in place, these costs can be dramatically reduced.

At RBC Technology Group we work with you to reduce these high costs and inefficiencies by taking over the supply and management of your print fleet. Our strategic fleet management plans are customised to your organisational goals and encompass machine servicing, equipment upgrades, installations or removals, as well as scheduled maintenance and the supply of consumables.

The RBC Technology Group fleet management plan for your print consumables includes the installation of customised monitoring software, which automates deliveries on time and when needed.

This automation takes the pressure off staff needing to monitor toner levels and manually ordering consumables in time before the toner depletes. It also eliminates the need to move consumables from one area to another just because one area has run out of supplies.

With a streamlined fleet management plan, your printing needs will be centralised, your machines updated, and printer consumable stock levels kept current.

Streamlined consumables reduces costs

With a fleet of well-maintained and updated multifunction printing devices, preferably all from the same manufacturer and of a compatible design, the variety of consumables that you need to keep on hand is dramatically reduced.

This is because having the same machine in multiple locations throughout your organisation, means that they all use the same consumables, so you don’t need 10 different toners on hand. Of course, this is the ideal situation and many organisations have a variety of different printing machines from a handful of different manufacturers.

At RBC Technology Group we manage and supply all of your printing consumables, regardless of how many different machines and brands you have across your organisation. We have access to an extensive range of printing consumables, suitable for a large range of printers and multifunction machines.

It doesn’t matter if your printers are all different, because RBC Technology Group manage and control your consumables across your entire organisation.

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Scheduled delivery of consumables saves time and increases productivity

Scheduled deliveries that keep your consumables topped up at all times takes a huge amount of stress away from the IT and administration departments. Staff are also better able to complete their workloads knowing that the printers are well maintained and supplied.

Once your printing fleet is optimised and running well, productivity will begin to increase as staff are at last free to focus on their core activities within your organisation.

With the installation of your automated delivery software, you will receive an ongoing supply of all your printing needs for your entire fleet of printing machines, across your whole organisation.

We can supply consumables for your existing machines or we can also perform a print environment audit and customise your printing fleet to be more efficient and cost-effective.