Automation at The Edge with RBC Technology Group

Automation at The Edge with RBC Technology Group

Improvement to your Workflow and Simplification of Multi-step Processes

What is the Edge?

What is the edge? In current IT climates, the edge refers to the edge of the Cloud; all the devices or systems that operate connected to the Cloud from phones to computers to smartwatches, all of these devices exist at the edge, and these devices at the edge are the way we interact and interface with the Cloud. In standard Cloud environments, managing edge devices is a long and inefficient process with several steps. For example, any time that we have to print a document there are several steps that could be involved, from authentications, emailing back and forth from device to device, scanning and then resending documents to clients. All of these steps add up to a huge waste of time and resources throughout the year.

This is where our “Automation at the Edge” makes a real difference, simplifying and streamlining your Cloud services.

Automation at the Edge

Our Automation at the Edge product is a way for your print and Cloud processes to be streamlined on not only some of the Edge devices, such as phones, but also most multi-functional devices including printers and photocopiers and in fact any other device connected to internet services including Microsoft Office, OneDrive, DropBox, or Google Drive. The automation works primarily to simplify your services, taking the process of having to drag and drop files from one place to another and automating all of the unnecessary elements, allowing you to print, scan, or email straight from your phone to the required device or client, and sending paper files straight to the Cloud without several time-consuming steps.

This isn’t all the Automation at the Edge does though! Automating your devices to streamline these processes also works to personalise and secure your processes. First and foremost, when you work with several steps to do processes, such as when doing accounts payable or other HR-related tasks, every time a document is digitised or sent from one location to another poses an extra security risk as it must be handled manually, increasing the likelihood of an error.

Our automation eliminates this by seamlessly automating the movement of all data, also ensuring that at every stage your data is being authenticated and checked to make sure that it is only being sent to the appropriate and qualified locations. This intelligent automation will also follow the mail flow defined by your business natively and automatically applies this to all connected devices. In addition, you can wave goodbye to having emails and documents sent from “Printer-123A”, and rather with no extra effort on your part, send these messages from your personal email, giving your work a personal touch when interfacing with clients.

What is the impact?

As to the real impact of this technology? Our Automation at the Edge makes a real difference to the workflow times in businesses in all areas. In fact, with Automation at the Edge you can improve workflow times by up to 50% in areas such as accounts payable, and also improve the processing speeds of documents by 50% or greater.