New Apps transform modern office workflows

New Apps transform modern office workflows

Latest RBC Technology Group and HP collaboration saves time and boosts user productivity

Brisbane, Qld: Imagine an office where the devices personalise themselves for you on-demand and repetitive tasks are completed with one click, no matter where in the world the worker is. Well, such innovations are a reality thanks to new apps developed by RBC Technology Group, which integrate with HP multifunction devices and users it seems, could not be happier.


RBC Technology Group’s flagship business automation platform Docs2me delivers document and workflow automation which is easy to implement, configure, use and modify. Users have long appreciated increased productivity, shorter cycle times, improved compliance and control of critical corporate content.

And now the new suite of applications built on the HP Workpath platform allows users to initiate workflow directly from HP multifunction devices and extract data, assisting the control of the document lifecycle.

“RBC Technology Group continues to extend the functionality of Docs2me bringing significant efficiency and security benefits” said David Wheeler, RBC Technology Group Managing Director.

Office 365

“The best news is the functionality with Office 365, the world’s most widely used business application. These apps work with most business’ existing tech stack with virtually no configuration effort.”

Other benefits of the new applications include:

  • Scan to services such as SharePoint, One Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Integrate with premium services such as Filebound, MYOB, XERO, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • The days of standing at the photocopier are gone, plus instant personalisation means it’s now easier and faster for knowledge workers to get the job done no matter where they are

RBC Technology Group & HP Collaboration

The collaboration was no overnight success. RBC Technology Group was chosen to participate in the global Beta program for HP Workpath and was the first HP Premier Partner to develop and deploy applications to the platform in the Asia Pacific region.

“The MFP is quite often the starting point for many business processes which can be automated by Docs2me. HP Workpath has allowed us to provide digital onramps and workflows into most popular business applications,” Mr Wheeler said.

“MFPs are now transformed from a print and copy device into an office work station. HP Workpath allows HP partners and customers to create applications that optimize business processes,” said Paul Birkett, Director Workflow Solutions, HP Inc.

Phrases like “connectivity” and “pushing automation to the edge” are commonly used these days, however the collaboration between RBC Technology Group and HP has now made both a reality for Australian office workers, with businesses and individuals set to reap the benefits.

“This is just the beginning, we’re looking to roll out a suite of applications which increase the focus on improved efficiency and productivity for users,” he said.

Mr David Wheeler is Managing Director of RBC Technology Group Media.