RBC Technology Group Launches All-In-One Work Management Platform

RBC Technology Group Launches All-In-One Work Management Platform

#stratapp – The New All-In-One Work Management Platform for your Business.

Leading Australian technology company RBC Technology Group has partnered with #stratapp to launch an innovative all-in-one work management platform, combining social, task management, ideation, and teamwork features.

#stratapp has been designed to replace the use of multiple apps geared towards workflow management, by housing all essential tools in one place.

Holistic Approach

RBC Technology Group General Manager Michael Manton says while #stratapp connects with Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Slack, and Google Drive, users will find it includes most of the functionality of these popular apps without tapping into external plugins.

“There are really no other apps on the market that offer a holistic approach to work management – from strategy right through to execution,” he said.


“The power of #stratapp is that it combines all of the best elements of the major work-focussed platforms into one easily accessible panel.

“A lot of great strategies fall over because they are not executed properly, and that’s usually a symptom of poor collaboration within the organisation.

“With #stratapp, users have access to a social board allowing both private and group messaging, and a dedicated workspace that steps through tasks, meetings, risks to performance, and a live list of people who are available to help.

“There’s also a focus on ideation and encouraging people to flag challenges in a transparent way, so it’s easier to find the right person in the organisation to help with a solution.

Bringing Members Together

“At its core, the app is about bringing the whole team together – from the top level of management through to junior-level employees, so everyone is across what is happening, what deadlines need to be met and what the roadblocks are to achieving goals.

“A lot of the current work management apps don’t offer a dedicated space to workshop problems with strategy and leave it up to individual employees to search for a resolution, instead of encouraging the sharing of brainpower and resources.

“This is what makes #stratapp unique to the market and an excellent option for organisations looking to fully harness the potential of its talent pool.”

It’s available for download, including a free trial!