Print Wisely and Seamlessly with RBC Technology Group’s Managed Document Print Services

Print Wisely and Seamlessly with RBC Technology Group’s Managed Document Print Services

RBC Technology Group Offers Managed Document Print Services

Managing companywide printing workloads in an effective and secure manner can be a complicated task; also the larger the organisation, the more complex the printing projects can become. When large amounts of high-stake document print jobs get processed, if technical issues arise, it can cause major stress to deadlines and even budgets. RBC Technology Group’s Managed Document Print Services (MDPS) provides exclusive coverage of Strategic Fleet ManagementConsumable Management, and Print Environment Audit services.

Printing operations are surprisingly cost-ineffective when poorly managed. With RBC’s Managed Document Print Services, we manage your fleet of printers, photocopiers, and multifunctional devices, so that the process is streamlined, automated, and cost-effective. Our primary goal is to reduce document print costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity.

Time to Your Business

With Managed Document Print Services, your business can focus on what you do best. Printing errors and inconsistencies become a huge distraction to the workflow. Having the office’s fleet of printers properly synced and equipped through MDPS allows for maximum time to be spent on actual tasks.

On Top of Money Matters

Managed Document Print Services also help your company keep track of printing expenditure. Our customised software automatically keeps an account of consumables stock levels and automates deliveries on time and when needed. For example, an overview of printing statistics helps you identify print job priorities so you can control your team’s printing limit. While seeing printer usages lets you remove unused printers to save cost and real estate.

Environmental Footprints affect Business Reputation

An environmentally conscious company is a great advantage to the company’s reputation. With Managed Document Print Services, you can be sure to see a huge drop in wastage. As an environmental-conscious company ourselves, RBC looks to avoid neglected print jobs, a large amount of wasted toners, and unethical printing. Mentioning the usage of MDPS in your company profile welcomes collaborations and partnerships within your industry.

Printing Security

Managed Document Print Services supports user and data security. In the absence of synced and managed printers, private and confidential documents are at risk of going to the wrong printer hence damaging information security. MDPS’s print and IP security risk identification feature avoid such potential threats. Implementing secure printing policies like printer sign-in procedures ensures employees can access print jobs in person before documents get stolen or shared. Printer timers also remove time-out print jobs to further improve security.