Security for your Personal Systems Tablets

Security for your Personal Systems Tablets

Security for your Personal Systems Tablets

RBC Technology Group ensure your personal devices are safe and secure from online threats

It is a rarity today to see someone without a smartphone, tablet or laptop, a modern necessity, our personal systems have become, to some extent, an extra limb. Utilised to message, shop, work, research and a plethora of other tasks, our devices and systems help us to do many things. However, these devices are also utilised to track our activity online and monitor our habits by savvy marketeers and hold some of our most sensitive personal information.

Unsecured tablets and devices can allow hackers to access your money, steal your identity, lose irreplaceable photos/notes/messages, and steal social media information just by connecting to your network wirelessly. Unsolicited e-mails, free Wi-Fi networks and more, could all be potential dangers to an untrained eye. Without a secure connection and/or informative training, if someone was able to access your phone, they could steal your information without you even knowing.

Ways to Secure Your Personal Mobile Devices

However, there are ways to combat these intrusions:

  • Have a secure passcode or PIN
  • Install reputable security software that includes antivirus protection
  • Turn off your Bluetooth when not using it
  • Ensure that your device does not automatically connect to new networks without your permission
  • Back up your data automatically and regularly
  • Refrain from saving passwords or PINs, or use a password manager
  • Carefully check privacy permissions when installing new apps
  • Ensure all data is removed when selling or throwing away old devices.

Along with these tips, the RBC Technology Group offer specialised training courses on security for your personal systems. Our tailored courses offer a unique insight into the digital world, with real scenario training we can train you to protect your devices from external threats. To find out more about how you can help prevent these threats from breaching your systems, contact us today!