RBC Infrastructure Security

RBC Infrastructure Security

Cyber Security for Infrastructure

RBC Technology Group push for large scale security in infrastructure

The gap between the physical and digital world is shrinking. We are seeing an increase in IT and OT devices designed to monitor the physical effects of the globe or tasked with controlling them. These systems are implemented to make our lives easier are paramount to our society. The concern is that are the numerous threats from viruses and hackers are increasing and can cripple an unprotected business, and these very systems they have deployed.

Having old or unsecured systems can provide backdoor entrances that were otherwise unknown to untrained employees. Without a trained workforce, threats go undetected and therefore infiltrate systems without any alarms being raised. Enterprise-wide infrastructure with internal e-mails, a central corporate webpage and other internal sensitive networks can all be at risk from a single faulty system. The same impact can be applied to larger-scale levels of public infrastructure that incorporate telephone systems, Internet use, and integrated network services (Internet of Things).

Larger scale risks and threats stem from a lower level of understanding, mainly due to the fear of viruses/hackers and inadequate online training. According to a survey in 2017 by OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner), this lesser understanding has led to greater concerns about privacy. From those surveyed, 69% are more concerned about online privacy and security than they were five years ago.

Having a trained and knowledgeable workforce is a crucial step to avoiding a cyber attack. The RBC Technology Group specialise in cyber-security and offer training sessions with real-life scenarios for employees. Thes courses can improve their skills with monitoring, analysing, reporting and preventing breaches on all levels of infrastructure. To find out more about how you can help prevent these threats from breaching your systems, contact us today!