Your Printers’ Security

Your Printers’ Security

RBC Technology Group’s push for Printer Security

How including secure printer policies can save your workplace from data loss and theft

Your Printers Security

Gone are the days of manually attaching a computer to a printer to get hard copies of documents. Now with wireless sending and stored/queued documents, modern printers are a must for any business looking to streamline documentation. However, this relatively new affordance of wireless interaction also invites new security threats that many do not even know exist.

In April of 2019, Quocirca conducted a research analysis that had some astounding findings. Firstly, they found that, of the 250 global organisations surveyed, over 50% had reported print-related data loss. Furthermore, they also found that 32% of print security incidents are caused by internal users. Print Security is an upcoming necessity that many industry leaders are either forgetting or ignoring, despite the potentially catastrophic problems that arise from leaving your printer unprotected.

These findings and several others have led the RBC Technology Group to research, evaluate, and unveil our 11 ways to increase print security.

How you can secure your network, our 11 Tips

  1. Ensure printers are in view and easily monitored by all staff.
  2. Stop visitors and certain employees from using managerial printers that handle more sensitive information.
  3. Shred all sensitive documents once used.
  4. Change default passwords to something more unique.
  5. Implement more safety stops such as user identification to remove the risk of unclaimed output being left in printer trays.
  6. Ensure your business’s security strategy includes the entire printer network in your business and office space.
  7. Update security regularly, including any printer software.
  8. Include safety features such as watermarking, PDF encryption and digital signatures to further safety procedures when printing confidential documents.
  9. Use auditing tools to track the usage of documents.
  10. Before selling or transferring old printers, wipe or destroy the hard drive.
  11. Contact the RBC Technology Group about their Security Awareness Training and how it can benefit your organisation.

Here at RBC, we believe that security is paramount, that is why each service we provide is designed with a high level of security. Our security awareness training was developed to cover all aspects of security that a business needs to consider; this ensures that employees receive the necessary training to prevent security breaches and incorporate all technical aspects of any business. Contact us today to find out more about our security awareness training.