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Understanding the Cyber Security Landscape

In a connected world, where technology is transforming human potential, cybersecurity is a disruptive force. With the accelerated development of security risks, it is now more important than ever to close the gap in your device security.

How are future-focused companies harnessing cutting edge technology to ward off security threats and safeguard their digital evolution?

RBC Group, in partnership with HP Inc, share the same concerns as our valued clients. Security threats to both individuals and organisations is fast-tracking at an alarmingly increasing rate, especially during these trying times of lockdowns, socially distancing, working from home and being more online than we have ever been.

The Office of the Future was always anticipated and was expected to increase exponentially over the next 2-5 years. The Office of the Future was envisioned to, over a course of half a decade, move more office end users into cloud-based environments, working remotely and from anywhere, on multi-OS environments and communications would primarily reside online.

What was expected to be a gradual adoption of the Office of the Future has now been implemented at such an increased velocity that essential security measures may have been either overlooked or re-prioritised in the chaos.

End users are potentially accessing company data via unsecured routers with default passwords and shared wireless connections. Additionally, users that traditionally sat side-by-side are now communicating via email, Teams, and various other chat functions to communicate their day-to-day business operations.

The burning questions are: what can we do about it? How can I control what online hygiene end users observe? How do I monitor that behaviour? And, how do I moderate that behaviour?

On Tuesday, June 2 at 11 am, RBC Group will be hosting an online webinar with Mohammed Khan from HP Inc to delve into these issues we are currently faced with. How do we identify risks to our organisations, and how do we react in the face of these risks? How do we educate end users, then proactively monitor the user behaviour to minimise risk?

Register Here to gauge your position on cybersecurity compared to the current security landscape and identify where you can be improving your security position for your company.

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With the accelerated development of security risks, it is now more important than ever to close the gap in your device security.

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